Monday, December 7, 2009

hv u oll ever heard bout the singing competition known as" clash of the champions" recently?~ it was mentioned almost everyday n every hour started on 28 until 6 Dec...n followed by tht, in d news.. eheheheh...speaking ler pulok..ekekek..

k lah, smbung cita tdk...i was registered 2 participated in a singing cmpttn..i said yes..n my sys sent d form 2 RTM Sibu..apalagi, i jd la one of the member yg ekot ptdgn tuh~~..ptdgn ya jus 4 pekit lagu2 iban..but, it was opened oso 2 the Muslim 2 join the cmpetition..ngee..bykla juak org br yg i kenal during tht tyme...bes gak ho~ byk pglmn n ilmu yg i dpt..eventhough b4 ths, i jrg mbak lagu iban during the ptdgn..this tyme i branikn diri..its not tht i don like iban's songs..juz tht my voice sumtimes xsesuai mbak lgu iban..ngeeee~~...

pas ya, i went thru final..dari 47 org yg join finally, only 10 yg bjaya g final..yg bjaya g final aritu, i wish u oll, we cn meet again d lain la u oll..